Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last day of 08 - St. Pete & Sick Electric Zip?

Needless to say I didn't get the chance to photograph the girl with the Polaroid tattoos or I would have posted the photos. She realized she had an earlier flight (or at least that's what she told the creepy old guy who wanted to take pictures of her), and she said she would call when she comes back from LA in several months.

I did try one more Holgaroid, HR No. 3, this time outside on the dock using what appears to be the landscape setting on the lens, but this turned out even blurrier than the rest, so I suppose I'll need to set up some kind of measured shot with points of focus at specific intervals to figure out where it is focusing.

Today I took 3 cameras down to St. Petersburg with the intent to get a few last pictures shot in 2008. Big Shot (Polacolor 100 film), Electric Zip (VIVA 125 film) and SX-70 Alpha I SE (600& 779). Got one nice shot off with the EZ but then the shutter wouldn't trip for a second shot. ??? I hope it isn't kaput... It just feels as though the shutter button isn't catching to trip the shutter. I hope I can fix it because that was my favorite camera of the moment.

Shot 2 SX-70 pix of an interesting purple & yellow painted architectural element while waiting for a Mojo Chicken Cuban Sandwich at Tangelo's Grill on 1st Avenue North (YUMALISHOUS!). Tried to shoot one of this with the Big Shot but it was too dark for the 100 film. Then wandered around the edges of Baywalk to find something interesting. Found a few cool industrial elements to shoot with the SX-70 on the 779 film (that is turning out to be pretty dull so far - expired 2005) and was accosted by a security guard who didn't give me any trouble after looking at my "artwork."

I made it to the car with 3 minutes to spare on my 90 minute spot and drove back up to Starbucks on Little Road (my new haunt) to work on my cataloging. Met a cool kid there who was interested in my Polaroids, shoots some herself. I might give her one of my thrift store cameras as she said her One Step has broken. Shot a photo of her and her friend that works at Starbucks with the Big Shot to show her how PackFilm works. The Magicube I had in the BG wouldn't fire so I plugged in a new one and it fired right away. That was my last shot of 2008.

Here's hoping the Electric Zip magically works in 2009...

Pix to be added ?