Monday, January 24, 2011

PX No.487

PX No.487
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PX No.487 (CP No.305) A line of palm trees on the northern shore of the island at Howard Park beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA.

CAMERA: Polaroid ColorPack II
FILM: Polaroid 689 (expired 12/2003)
DATE: 6/17/10

LEFT: This picture was left in a food court at JFK Airport in New York on 1/5/11, just above a thermostat near the trash cans.
FOUND: While no one has contacted me as of yet, I did see a young woman look at the picture and take it about 20 minutes after I left it. I even snapped a photo of her looking at it from across the dining room.

see where it was left in New York: