Friday, November 6, 2009

PX No.193

PX No.193
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PX No.193

Relationship with skylight handle at Villa Tigli in Venice Italy.
Shot with Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE using 600 film. (expired 12/2008)
DATE: 7/19/09

LEFT ON 7/24/09

PX No.193 Was left Here:
PX No.193 (left)
on 7/24/09 in the grid of a deStijl - style storefront which was closed down and for sale along Rue de Bertaimont in Mons, Belgium.

Which is where PX No.188 was taken:
PX No.188

Which , when crossed, was left here:
PX No.188L
on the back of the headboard of our bed at the Villa Tigli bed & breakfast, on the mainland of Venice, Italy, on 7/19/09, where the skylight picture PX No.193 was shot in the first place.

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