Friday, October 15, 2010

PX No.442

PX No.442
Originally uploaded by L.Å.R.

PX No.442 (TAZ No.16)
This shot of a troupe of performers in face paint was shot in the Grand Place of Mons, Belgium on 5/9/10.

You can see this location here on my Picturecrossing Google Map.

CAMERA: Polaroid Tasmanian Devil Camera
FILM: Polaroid 600 expired

PX No. 442 was left in Rome, Italy on 10/9/10, at the intersection of Via Urbana and Piazza Della Suburra at #43a, just across from the exit to the Cavour Metro Station, under a sign for a Photo Lab.
Click here to see where it was left :
PX No.442 (left in Rome)

and you can click here to see a video of people (mostly) ignoring my artwork:

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