Saturday, March 12, 2011

PX No.469

PX No.469
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PX No.469 (MP NO.15)

This is a diptych showing a cool door of street art stickers (including a yOuKfOu Labeauratoire fish that I posted) just off the Grand Place in Brussels. The left frame is blank due to operator error.
I drew a seeping deStijl-ish design on it.
Click Here to see a Google Map of where it was shot.

CAMERA: Polaroid MiniPortrait Model 203
FILM: Polaroid 667 ISO 3000 (expired 2003)
DATE: 5/22/10

LEFT: This picture was left on 12/31/10 in Berlin on a derelict building which was covered in street art stickers and ad posters, along Augustra├če across the street from the K-W Institute.
see where it was left:
PX No.469 (left in Berlin)

FOUND: (two months later) - 2/20/11
"Hi, My name is David & I found the 469 one in Berlin last Sunday (near the KW).
I live in Paris. Your concept is excellent_carry on

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