Thursday, May 24, 2012

PX No.554

PX No.554, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.
picturecrossing No.554 (EE No.50) is a photograph showing the giant poster on the side of the Centre Pompidou advertising the Mondrian De Stijl exhibition there. (the reason for this trip to Paris)

CAMERA: Polaroid EE 100 - c.1980
FILM: Polacolor 100 (expired 4/2000)
DATE: 2/21/2011

LEFT: In London on 5/19/2012 outside the Courtauld Gallery where they were having a Mondrian & Ben Nicholson exhibition - just on the glass covering the poster on the outside the gallery. - To be crossed soon with a Polaroid picture I shot there.
see where it was left:
PX No.554 (left in London)

FOUND!: The same day by Andy McGowan
" I found one of your photos stuck to an poster advertisement outside the Courtauld Gallery in Aldwich in London. I was on my way to see the Ben Nicholson/Piet Mondrian exhibition there. There seems to be a coding at the back of the photo: 2/21/11 Paris (No.50) PX No 554
Regards Andy McGowan"

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