Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PX No.403 "Chocolate festival, Mons, Belgium"

picturecrossing No.403 (EZ No.89) Chocolatiers arrange an elaborate display during the annual Chocolate Festival in Mons, Belgium.

CAMERA: Polaroid Electric Zip (blue)
FILM: Ltd. Edition Polaroid Chocolate 80 expired 7/2008

LEFT:PX No.403 was left in Ghent on 10/28/2012 on a black drainpipe between the Callisto Café and the De Graslei chocolate shop near the Hooiaard bridge. (see photo below)

FOUND:PX No.403 was found by Rutger Lamberts
"I found one of your art-pictures in Gent next to the chocolate store.
nr 403 hope to see more of you"

Where it was left (and found) in Ghent:
PX No.403 (left in Ghent)

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