Tuesday, April 23, 2019

PX No. 840

Picturecrossing No. 840 (BG No. 36) - A nearly black shot while having trouble with my camera & magicube. Shooting in St. Pete near the MFA. Slight white streaks & divot at bottom.

COLLAGED this on  4/6/19 with trash from the streets, "Guilty Plea"  

CAMERA: Polaroid Big Shot  
FILM: Fuji FP-3000B (expired 6/15)  
DATE SHOT: 2/22/18
Picturecrossing No. 840 was LEFT: in St. Pete, Florida on Monday, 4/22/19 on a green rail on the facade of a vacant restaurant at 551 Central Avenue.

FOUND: by Skyler Johnson the same day.


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