Saturday, April 26, 2008

PX No. 35

CAMERA: Fuji Instax 200
FILM: Fujicolor Instax Wide
DATE: 4/18/08
LOCATION: Behind Home Depot in Port Richey, FL
PX No. 35 was shot using the Fuji Instax 200 camera along with several other shots on this date (FX No 15 & PX No. 34 among others). I'm looking forward to getting the Instax 500 that I've ordered from PaparazziAlex on It is supposed to have a much closer focusing distance that might have made this a better photo.
In any case, I like the red in this image showing a stack of wooden palates behind the Home Depot.

I left this photo at an abandoned, dilapidated farm house on Highway 98 North of Brooksville, FL, just South of the Suncoast Parkway today (4/26/08). I'd been on assignment for The Times, shooting an RC Airshow nearby. And this gave me a pretty interesting idea.
I'd actually stopped to make some pictures of the farmhouse (PX No. 42) and didn't decide until after shooting that I would leave a picture there on the post that was an integral part of the other picture. This sprouted the idea of leaving the farmhouse picture (PX No. 42) on the stack of palates behind Home Depot, thereby linking the two locations and pictures. The palates are in front of the farmhouse and the farmhouse will be on the palates about 50 miles away in another city (when I next get the chance to pass by there).

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