Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PX No. 39

PX No. 39 (aka LC 52) was shot on 4/18/08 with my Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 using Polaroid 400 B&W film.
This shot was made at a vacant building on US Hwy 19 in Port Richey, FL at the intersection of Cinema Drive. The building used to be a steak house but has been abandoned for a few years now I think.

I made a few other pictures at this location including LC No. 53, PX No. 36 and PX No. 38.

I like the shadows, though the clouds kept blocking the sun causing the shadows to vanish so I had to wait a while for the good shadows to return. I also like the natural element of the leaf and the screws in the brick. You don't often see screws in bricks...
Obviously there was some kind of emulsion glitch in the bottom left corner, but that's what makes Polaroids so fun, (and frustrating) there's always an element of random uniqueness.

I left this picture in an ornamental box at a Michael's craft store on Highway 50 in Brooksville, Florida on Saturday 4/19/08.

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