Sunday, July 27, 2008

PX No. 24

CAMERA: Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100

FILM: Fuji FP3000BSS
DATE: 4/2/08
LOCATION: Ruth Eckerd hall - Clearwater, Florida
PX No. 24 (LC No. 42) is another shot at from Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. The building was designed by Taliesin Associated Architects, led by William Wesley Peters, the apprentice to and protegé of Frank Lloyd Wright.
This frame shows the bench and wall in front of the box office. I really like the shadows in this shot.

I left this picture on 5/20/08 in the valet stand just in front of the lobby. I felt like I was getting some strange looks from the box office staff and there were security cameras everywhere. I was sure someone was going to come out and tell me to leave but they never did. I also left PX No. 54 the same day actually in a detail from this picture.


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