Sunday, July 27, 2008

PX No. 30

CAMERA: Fuji Instax 200
FILM: Fuji Instax Wide Format
DATE: 4/11/08
LOCATION: "Picture House"- Spring Hill, Florida
PX No. 30 (FX No. 4)

This shot is a detail of the side of an abandoned building called "The Picture House" by locals. It is located on US. Hwy 41 near the intersection of Spring Hill Drive in Spring Hill, Florida. This building had been a roadside art gallery of sorts for may years but had been abandoned for quite some time. There were "Highwaymen" style landscape paintings in panels all over the building, which had obviously been housing the homeless for a while. After shooting this, I mentioned this building to a colleague, Times columnist Dan DeWitt , he did some research and was contacted about it just before it was to be demolished. He learned that the paintings were said to have been done by a white man called "Bard" from Kentucky and had seen that signature on one panel. We arrived just minutes before it was destroyed and I was allowed to make some hi-rez digital photographs of some of the panels before the bulldozers demolished it. I even took a brick from the rubble and am keeping it on my desk with Dan's Article from The Times. A CVS is planned for the property. Other pix of this building: FX No. 5 & FX No. 6.

This print was left on 6/27/08 on a public bulletin board in front of the main library of University of Florida in Gainesville. There were months of remains of fliers and posters making a nice collage including a shot of Alberto Gonzalez. I expected to "cross" this picture with the image of the bulletin board (PX No. 92), (see also SX No. 28) but now that the building's been torn down, I'm not sure where I'll leave PX No. 92.


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