Monday, November 1, 2010

PX No.422

PX No.422
Originally uploaded by L.Å.R.

picturecrossing No. 422 (MP No.4) Portraits of Fréderic Buchet at his home in Baudour.
These were test shots with the small flash I attached to the MiniPortrait Model 203.
Drew on it later with markers.

CAMERA: Polaroid MiniPortrait Model 203
FILM: Polaroid 690 (expired 2008)
DATE: 4/21/2010

LEFT: This picture was left in Brussels, Belgium on 8/16/10, on a graffiti wall at the intersection of ReebokStraat and Place du Jeu de Balle near the big fleamarket there.
Click the photo below to see where & when this picture was left in Brussels:
PX No.422 (left in Brussels)

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