Monday, November 1, 2010

PX No.439

PX No.439
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picturecrossing No.439 (X No.2)
This photograph is a test shot using the custom-made PolaCity Paris Model Pronto SX-70. It was shot from my balcony in Mons, Belgium showing the courtyard next door on 4/27/10.
These pictures with an "X" number are rare among my images and denote that they were taken with a camera I was only experimenting with. I also drew a deStijl design on this one in black and red forming a relationship with the architectural elements in the photograph.

CAMERA: Polaroid Pronto SX-70 / Labaeauratoire PolaCity Paris Edition
FILM: Polaroid 600 (expired)
DATE: 4/27/10

LEFT: this picture was left in Antwerp, Belgium on 8/28/10, on the Wandelterraszuid (a scenic boardwalk) along the Schelde river near Steenplein. (click the photo below to find out more about where it was left.

FOUND! : Mid September 2010
I found picture 439 in Antwerp... on the walking terrace near the river “Schelde” and near the monument “Steen”.I found it the second week of september. I no remember the day exactly.
Greetings, Anne Floren

see where it was left:
PX No.439 (left in Antwerp)

here is the camera it was photographed with:
SX No.402

and here is a short video of people ignoring my artwork:

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