Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PX No.472

PX No.472, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

PX No.475 (FX No.91)
Shot of the Doudou (Ducasse de Mons) procession in Mons, Belgium. These are the kids from the Petit Doudou carrying the little dragon. This is a festval that has been going on in my village for more than 650 years!!! There is a procession of religious relics throughout the town accompanied by hundreds of people from many different churches and organizations. After which there is a dramatic exhibition where a man on horseback representing Saint George, slays a huge dragon model carried by several other men. It is an amazing world heritage event that is much more exciting than it sounds and attracts tens of thousands of people. Find out more about it here: (Ducasse de Mons)
and see many photos I have taken of the event here:

CAMERA: Fuji Instax 500AF
FILM: Fuji Instax Wide
DATE: 5/30/10

LEFT: This picture was left on 6/19/11 at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I left it on the 7th floor outside the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit while I was there caring for my mother after her surgery. I left this picture on the same day of the Doudou 2011.

FOUND: By Peter Durel - "I Found No # 472 at Grady Hospital, Georgia,USA ( 7th flr.) June 27th 2011. Thought it was one of those hate ads since they looked like KuKluxKlans. I was ready to rip it,but decided to view it further and check your site instead. Still don't know who or what they are, but pretty sure not KKK's. Can you tell me something about the picture? It's interesting that they seem like they are holding a big green umbrella."
(I wrote him back to tell him all about it.)

See where it was left in Atlanta, Georgia - USA:
PX No.472 (left in Atlanta)

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