Monday, August 13, 2012

PX No.556 (1st collage)

PX No.556 (1st collage) by LANCEPHOTO
PX No.556 (1st collage), a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.
picturecrossing No.556 (EE No.57) This was a long exposure that got a bit blurry. It showed an image of an abandoned factory in Nimy, Belgium that's been covered in graffiti. - I'd been drawing on my Polaroids for quite a while but this was the first time I applied collage elements to them. I'm quite pleased with the result. - You can see more of my actual collage work at
CAMERA: Polaroid EE 100 - c.1980
FILM: Polacolor 100 (expired 4/2000)
DATE: 2/25/2011

LEFT: In London on 5/20/2012 on top of the menu sign of the Le Pain Quotidien on on Notting Hill Gate near the intersection of Pembridge Road.
Click the photo below to see where it was left.
see where it was left:
PX No.556 (left in London)

here's what it looked like before my collaging:
PX No.556 (before)

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