Monday, August 13, 2012

PX No.558

PX No.558, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.
picrurecrossing No.558 - (LC No.90) - This was a Chocolate 100 shot that was blank because I'd taken the film out to change it. But it still had some nice blotches and tones in it. - I'd been drawing on my Polaroids for quite a while but this was the first time (along with PX No.556) that I applied collage elements to them. I'm quite pleased with the result. - You can see more of my actual collage work at

CAMERA: Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 - c.1964
FILM: Polaroid / Impossible Project - Chocolate 100 (expired 10/2009)
DATE: 3/27/2011
SCANNER:HP Scanjet G4050

LEFT: picturecrossing No.558 was left in London on 5/18/2012 on a wall in the Barbican Center gallery where they were holding a Bauhaus exhibition. The museum guards were everywhere and had already told me a few times to put my camera away but I had to get my documenting shot. I placed the picture on an empty wall just over a bench. Most people who passed it actually stopped to look at it as though it were part of the exhibition, including one of the museum guards! This older couple looked at it for a while before taking a seat on the bench. That's when I snapped my shot from across the room... Gotcha! (see below)

see where it was left in London:
PX No.558 (left in London)

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