Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PX No.183

PX No.183 (CP No.78)
CAMERA: Polaroid ColorPack II
FILM: Polaroid 667 B&W ISO 3000 (expired: 2/2001)

DATE: 6/24/09
LOCATION: Just outside the Office National des Pensions in Mons, Belgium.

This is one of several shots showing a relationship of squares on the sidewalk at the intersection of Rue des Marcottes and Rue de Nimy in Mons while on a photo excursion with fellow photographer Patty Iniguez. These cool glass and steel squares are all over the town as part of the drainage system. This one shows 12 squares in a grid.


LEFT: On 7/20/09 in the Green room of a wonderful art installation in Arsenale by Cildo Meireles titled "Pling Pling" The installation consists of 6 connected rooms of solid colors with a video screen in each one that slowly changes colors. During la Biennale di Venezia 2009 Venice, Italy.

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