Friday, July 24, 2009

PX No.193

PX No.193 (SX No. 198)
CAMERA: Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE
FILM: Polaroid 600 (exp. 12/2008)

DATE: 7/19/09
LOCATION: Villa ai Tigli B&B in Venice, Italy.

We stayed at this great bed & breakfast on the mainland of Venice during our trip in July, 2009 for la Biennale art festival. There was a skylight in our 3rd floor room and at 11 am our first morning there was a perfect shadow cast from the handle of the window.

This image gives me the impression of a hatchway directly to the sky, which I suppose is actually the definition of what a skylight is. But this just seems a bit more dramatic somehow.

We were exhausted from our 21 hour drive from Belgium. Traffic was backed up in Switzerland as a long tunnel was being repaired and only allowing one way traffic to take turns. So after one CP shot at Redentore the night before - this was my 2nd shot on the Venice trip.
CROSSED WITH: PX No. 188 of a deStijl relationship showing a storefront.
LEFT: On 7/24/09 at the vacant shop on Rue de Bertaimont, Mons, Belgium.

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